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Our team is ready to help. After you fill out a form or give us a call, we’ll contact you immediately to set up a time to come out and see your home. At that time we’ll learn more about your situation, present you with all the options you have, and make a no-pressure fair offer. If you decide to take it, you just tell us when you want to sell, and we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t have to make repairs, or even move everything out. Just leave the house when you’re done, and we’ll take it from there.

There is no obligation to sell your home. You will receive a fast and fair offer on your house. Exploring all the options and making you no-obligation fair offer on your property is our top priority. Once you accept, we can close the deal within 48 hours.

How it works?

Irby’s Easy 3-Step Process to selling
your house for cash in 24hrs

We’ll explore all options with you.

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  • No hidden costs
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  • Minimum formalities
Why Irby?

Lots of home buyers offer their services
in Theodore, so why work with us?

We’re the Real Estate Problem Solvers! The Professionals at IRBY love investing in real estate and helping people just like yourself. We know there are a million reasons why you would want to sell your house and we are here to buy it from you! We have worked with hundreds of individuals and we’ve bought a TON of houses.

Our process is simple and easy on you, unlike your average real estate sale. We purchase your house AS-IS and NEVER make you do any repairs or upgrades. We can even buy your property without you cleaning it out! Walk away from an unwanted, ugly house, in need of repairs with CASH instead. We make selling a house EASY!

Unlike a “normal” real estate sale, we don’t charge you one cent of realtor fees, commissions, closing costs, attorney fees, escrow costs, title insurance, title search, prep costs, etc. When buying your house, we pay every single cost and pay you CASH on the day of your choice.