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Working with a normal estate agent

Working with

Listed Price

This is the price an estate agent will be listing your property at. With IRBY – there is no advertisements, no wait and no fees.


We'll buy it from you

Real Market Value

True property market value as valued by an independent expert.



Offer after survey

An average actual offer from an interested buyer. IRBY pays a bit less, but we don’t care about existing conditions, repairs and we’re ready to close the deal in days.



Price deducting agent fees

An agent will take his share. We will not. When working with IRBY there are no hidden fees – just a straight, simple business offer.



Price deducting closure costs

When working with IRBY you don’t pay closing fees. We take care of those and have already accounted for them in our initial offer.



Price deducting mortage

Finding a buyer and closing the deal can take months or even more. With IRBY you get an offer within 24 hours and can close the deal in days. For Cash.



Final Price after deducting monthly media bills

Media bills add up. The longer you wait, the more money you lose.



Time until you get your cash

Media bills add up. The longer you wait, the more money you lose.

6 months on average

As little as 7 days

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