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Aging Out of Your Home?

Our homes are usually a place that we find comfort and security. For older homeowners, this can begin to change over some time and become more of a headache than peace — regular maintenance and yard work that was once less of a hassle to maintain start to become more difficult and overwhelming for these homeowners. Sooner or later the aging adult starts to feel vulnerable in the environment that was once a haven. According to Jared Irby, President of Irby LLC, many of the older generation are choosing to sell direct to a professional real estate investor when deciding to “age out” of the home or downsize.

Reasons for Aging Out of Homes

There are numerous reasons why an American in Alabama will “age out” of their home. For instance, some don’t feel confident living on their own anymore; many don’t want the burden of keeping up a house, or they may wish to relocate during their twilight years. Irby stated that Hurricane Harvey has also influenced aging homeowners, who felt the most at risk during Mobile’s unprecedented flooding, to consider selling quicker than they may have originally planned.

“Harvey made many Alabama Homeowners realize they aren’t immune to natural disasters. I can’t even imagine being alone in my home with water rushing in at a groundbreaking pace. That would be terrifying for anyone, but especially older homeowners,” Irby said. “As a result, many of the older generation with homes have come to Irby LLC to sell their home to be closer to loved ones or into a community that is equipped for supporting aging adults. Not all have chosen this route; some have decided to downsize or relocate out of Mobile.”

Like any other homeowner, those that are aging and their families want to sell their home as-is instead of investing more into the house with costly repairs. These sellers are already set on a price that they want to sell their home for because they are wanting to act now and plan as efficiently as possible for their next move. Regrettably, these kinds of certainties aren’t readily available for the open market. If you are going with a traditional agent, an as-is house will sit on the market for months, causing a delay for the seller to move since the right buyer hasn’t shown up yet.

Currently, post-Harvey, Mobile is still a buyer’s market. Homeowners are doing everything it takes to take care of the flood damage before listing their home on the market. Every day they are going through the insurance process to make sure they will be able to get the ideal price on their home, and before they make any rash decision to buy a brand new house.

The Search for a Trustworthy Partner to Sell A House Due to Age Out

If you’re eager to relocate and aging out of your home, selling your house to a professional is a great alternative when there is so much uncertainty to deal with. There many credible home buying companies, like Irby LLC, that have experience in buying homes as professional real estate investors. We can swiftly assess any property’s actual value, make an offer that is fair to you, and do it within your schedule as a seller. Another advantage to using a professional real estate investor, such as Irby LLC, who has title experience will allow for you to get help in unwinding any lingering estate issues that may prevent you from selling quickly. Because professional home buyers buy houses in any condition, we are the most preferred real estate partner for any aging homeowner.

“At Irby LLC, we are up to any challenge you may be having with selling your home,” Irby said. “There are a few cases where we have even bought homes with severe damage. That means we can partner with a seller to sort through the complicated issues that are associated with the property. We can help negotiate with lien holders, resolve probate issues, address any outstanding items with attorneys, and clear the title. That way the seller can move forward without any further struggles.”

When your home stops being a place of joy, security, and comfort, aging homeowners and their families are recommended to search for every option available to them. The traditional realtor usually doesn’t have the resources or experience to resolve common estate problems nor do they want to handle the homes that aren’t instantly ready to move in to. That is where a professional home buyer will be an excellent source of information and exceed expectations when you partner with them to help sell your home in a timely fashion. However, you want to choose wisely because any home buying company can provide you with an offer and write a contract, but not all can close. Partner with a qualified buyer or agent who will have your best interest at the forefront of the entire process. If you want more information or wishing to sell your home as-is today, then contact Irby LLC. We will happily assist you!

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