If you’re selling your house, or simply wanting to give it an upgrade, replacing your carpet might be a task on your to do list.

If you’re ready to replace that nasty, old carpet with new flooring be sure to plan accordingly. Most experts suggest you cut the carpet into sections so that it pulls up easier.

It’s always a good idea to wear protective, thick gloves when pulling up old carpet. Use a sharp knife to cut around the edges of the room first, then you should be able to pull out the center section of the room, followed by the areas near the walls.

You’ll also need to pull up and replace the pad beneath the carpet. There are staples holding the pad down and it’s a task in itself to get these removed.

Use a screwdriver and needle nose pliers to pull each staple from the ground. Do not leave any staples in the floor during this task.

You can also use a mini crowbar under the strips until they become loose from the floor. These can be tossed into the trash.

Finally, you should use a shop vacuum, or some sort of heavy duty vacuum, to clean the excess carpet pieces from the floor. This will also come in handy when trying to remove the dust from the room, as older carpet will collect a lot of dust.