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Apps To Keep An Eye On Your Home

Home security is taken to a whole new level thanks to smartphone apps that are available at our fingertips. Literally.
Here are a few of the top security apps for you to check out:
1) is a free app which allows you to access your current security system. You can receive alerts on your phone any time there is movement in your house or whenever an alert goes off. You will also be able to access your home’s security cameras and monitor the home whenever you’re away.
2) iScentry basically turns your computer’s webcam into a surveillance system. You’ll point the camera in the direction you want to monitor and then anytime there is movement you will receive a notification on your phone.
3) The Security Camera will take a photo of anyone using your computer. It’s a silent photo process, so the user will not realize their photo is being taken. This will come in handy if someone breaks into your home so that you will have a picture of the intruder.
4) Dropcam is a great device that can link to your smartphone. A live video stream can be monitored on your device. Wherever the camera is located, you will be able to access it from your phone and see real-time updates of what is going on. You can also share your videos with others.

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