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Cracks In Your Home’s Foundation?

The foundation of your home is what helps keep things together. A crack in the foundation can be a terrifying sight.

There are different types of foundation cracks which can lead to more serious issues later on down the line. If you have the classic stair-step cracks in your bricks there is some sort of structural movement in your home.

Some cracks can be harmless, but knowing what to look for and how to resolve these problems before they get too serious is the key.

A quick, obvious way to determine if you have a shifting foundation is to open a door to your home. Yes, it can be that simple! If it’s difficult to open and close your door, or you’re noticing light or air coming through cracks on the sides of the door, this could mean shifting in your foundation is already taking place. At this point, that shifting foundation could already be affecting the walls of your home.

There are some do-it-yourself fixes to try at home, but it’s always best to do a little research and consult a professional if you feel like the problem is more serious. Sometimes the cracks in your foundation can be caused by dry soil. Some experts suggest placing water hoses near the foundation of your home. Be sure not to soak the area, but simply water the area around the foundation just as you would water plants or your lawn. Planting trees near the home might also help hold the soil and keep your foundation from cracking.

If you’re looking to hire a professional to do the job expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 – $50,000. Cracks in your foundation can be a costly repair, so do your research and get several quotes before hiring someone.

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