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Home Cleaning Tips Made Easy

Are you spending hours cleaning your house? Try some of these useful tips to help speed up the process!

According to www.RealSimple.com, there are some easy tricks to help you out around the house.

Put ice cubes made with vinegar in your garbage disposal. Turn the disposal on and the cleaning is all done for you.

Are you finding it tough to clean those dishes? Use a piece of aluminum foil to scrub those pots and pans.

When it comes to cleaning the ceiling fans use an old pillowcase to slide over the blade. Then, pull the pillowcase off of the blade slowly, removing the dust in the process.

A dryer sheet can be useful when you’re wanting to clean the glass on your shower doors. It’ll also leave a streak-free shine.

Using a rubber glove on your furniture can help remove pet hair. Yes, it can be that simple!


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