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Selling Inherited Homes

“Am I able to sell the house I inherited as-is?” That is one of the most common questions we get after someone has inherited a home that needs more work than it’s worth. The answer to this question is yes with the right home investor like Irby LLC. An abundance of homeowners sell to home investors because they can buy homes in any condition.

Even if your loved one had good intentions, having to repair a home can be stressful and time-consuming. Repairs on a home tend to cost a ton of money. The house may not be new and could be run-down. If left unoccupied it is subject to vandalism and scavenges.

The amount you will have to put into the home can be stressful and overwhelming. If you think about it, you’ll have to clean up any messes that were left, complete extensive repairs and take out items that are still in the home. That is a tone of the time, energy, and money you’ll be contributing when all is said and done.

Therefore, the best solution is to sell the home as-is to a home investor.

How much does a home investor pay?

That is a fantastic question. An investor starts by taking into consideration a variety of factors before they make their cash offer to you. This is to ensure they are giving you the fairest price and not missing anything crucial to your sell.

The first thing that is evaluated will be the top market value of your home as if it were in the best condition after repairs are made and any other work is completed. After that is done, they will examine the present situation and evaluate the estimated cost for repairs to be made. Another item that will be assessed is any legal troubles or title issues they may come up against.

Not only is Irby LLC an expert in its field, but we also are the largest privately held home buying company in Alabama. We are the kind of buyers who provide realistic solutions that will help their clients get the cash they need quickly.

What’s it like to sell my inherited home to Irby LLC?

Clients feel at ease when they are working with us to sell the home, they inherited that need significant amounts of work. We buy homes as-is. There is no hassle, and you will have a quick closing. We are even able to assist you with your title issues and will work persistently to resolve it. We specialize in buying inherited homes as is and the family issues that may come with it from the title.

Irby LLC always gives personalized service and will assist in a professional manner that differs from the competition. Personalizing each situation makes your sell quick and easy. We will provide you with the best offer for you and your loved ones, and make sure that any issues are addressed transparently. Call us to find out more about what we have to offer you and your home buying experience.

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